Minimalist, Beautiful and Color Correct Product Photography
We focus on capturing the essence of your products through clean, uncluttered compositions that emphasize their unique features. Through our minimalist approach we ensure that your products take center stage.
It’s all about the synergy of simplicity and elegance. We achieve this by employing clean lines, geometric props (or opting for no props at all), and harmonious compositions that place your product in the spotlight.
It isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a strategic choice for marketers. We create images that are not only visually appealing but also highly versatile – an investment that keeps on giving. These images provide ample space for accompanying copy and marketing messages, making them a powerful tool for your promotional campaigns.
This way, you’re not just getting striking visuals; but also a versatile asset that can seamlessly integrate with various marketing channels, from social media to print materials, ensuring a consistent and impactful brand presence.
Stylized Product Photography
Your products aren’t just items; they’re the embodiment of your brand’s narrative. With our keen eye for detail and creative finesse, we feature your products in compelling visual stories that are meant to captivate and engage your audience.
Every shot is carefully crafted to convey not just the features of your products but also their unique personality and brand essence.
Our goal is to tailor galleries to match your brand’s identity. We create images that not only capture attention but also align seamlessly with your marketing objectives. If you are looking for images that can become a storytelling asset – look no further.
Perfect for thematic campaigns and brands that strive to stand out.
Texture Close-Ups
Want to focus on tactile qualities of your products? A must for skincare and make-up brands, be it for social media, e-commerce of print uses.
We will keenly showcase the depth and character of your product’s textures, allowing your audience to explore and appreciate the sensory aspects of your products.
When it comes to texture photography, we are committed to color accuracy. Particularly in the world of cosmetics, accurate representation of makeup shades is paramount.
We know like no other that your customers rely on seeing true-to-life colors, and our precise color calibration ensures that makeup shades are accurately represented.
Styling & Design
With an extensive in-studio prop and background collection, we provide the foundation for captivating visuals. For unique concepts, we are always ready to offer custom set builds and prop sourcing, ensuring your ideas come to life exactly the way you imagine – or maybe even better.
Creative Direction
At the heart of Creative Direction lies analysis and research. Strategic content creation requires a guiding hand that understands the intricacies of your brand, your audience, and the ever-evolving market landscape.
We delve deep into understanding your brand’s essence, target audience, and the competitive landscape. This comprehensive exploration allows us to uncover your USP and determine how photography can best address it with marketing in mind.
We translate insights into action by creating moodboards and developing a detailed shot list. This process ensures that every image aligns seamlessly with your expectations and brand identity. Creative Direction is the right fit for brands seeking guidance and tailor-made content solutions. It’s where strategic thinking meets creativity, resulting in visuals that perfectly align with your brand.

Branding Photography

We are photographers, of course we shoot people! IYKYK :)
We are more than happy to accommodate models of all types in our studio or at your location. Do you need help sourcing models? We can absolutely handle that for you as well.

Monthly Retainers
If you are looking for a hassle-free, customizable content solution for your brand, this service is a perfect fit. It is the way to address your ongoing content needs while simultaneously optimising your costs.
Our retainer content packages is a service designed for product-based businesses in need of coherent content supply for social media platforms and advertising campaigns.
Retainer packages are available starting at 3-months commitment. We offer attractive pricing and the ability to lock in the rate for the duration of your retainer deal. For more information, please get in touch.
We are a full service studio
If you want to drop off your goods and let us take care of the rest, we can absolutely accommodate that request. But, if you'd like us to come to your location, we can do that as well. 
Things we can do:
- Source & Coordinate Models 
- Give On-Set Directing
- Do On-Set Styling
- Add-On Video Footage
- Add-On Creating Social Content
and much more. 
Let's chat about what you need for your project. We are excited to get you all the great content, and grow your brand.
How it Works
Discovery Call- We’ll hop on a discovery call so I can learn about your needs, goals, and vision (or lack thereof!) you may have. I firmly believe and understand that the goal is not always to just create beautiful photos, but to enhance and increase your business. We’ll talk budget, and a proposal will be sent followed by a contract.
Pre Production- When our contract is signed we’ll talk more in detail about the specific shoot(s), colors, lighting, do’s and don’ts. The product will be sent to be shot (if applicable) and I’ll send over mood boards and prop selections. You’ll send over a creative brief if you have one as well. We’ll set a shoot date and set all the details for that day.
Production- It’s shoot day! Based on everything we talked about I’ll create the images in my studio. If you prefer I can also send you photos for approval in real time. Either way it’s going to be fun!
Post Production- I will edit and send the agreed upon images for you to download at high resolution. All galleries are sent through a an online gallery.
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